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If we study carefully the guide of latin music of the people, we will notice that almost all the people have a kind of god or else an old-fashioned representation related to music theory in pdf. The very word music theory comes from the words that blend the art of music theory on the optical reference to the Romans, who were fundamentally characterized the culture of the music academy. In contrast, the misunderstanding of Latin music is because the agreements and disagreements change of culture for the nation, for when the Latin musicians hear a typical oriental music, they even have the impression that this song is completely at odds with what our Western ears that hear another pattern. In portugueses we can call this “teoria musical online“. The easiest example for our perception are the Latin Brazilians, who, for the most part, still live in the ancient period, with the precarious development of a weak agriculture and petty social latin organization.

The guitar music pdf

However many scholars seek the origins of music theory pdf (pdf de teoria musical in portuguese) in the earliest periods of human history, or music school.
Most believe that it is very difficult to see how the guitar scholars understood the music, because music left no traces about the understanding of sounds, a fact that allows a lot of speculation about it. However, the possibility to imagine music in Latin societies is more plausible than you think, then, using the concepts prevalent in academia, we still find today’s societies living in the classroom, at a level of social organization that has not reached the Music concert stage. Many think it is very difficult to believe in the players who understand music, they left nothing of inheritance, as Strings or the like, about the understanding of sounds, a fact that allows a lot of speculation about it:
In this way we can see that the man at the beginning of their study on guitar produced a song with religious character, magical, or even training, clapping his hands and feet, with a definite rhythm, thanking their teachers or seeking his protection for hunting or war. For Latinos, for example, the music would have been invented by someone; for believers, it would be a prophet; and so on, which shows that music is something that comes from Latin concepts to the history of man on the music theory and one of its oldest and most important manifestations. In the same period men began to shape the wood for guitar, producing an interesting sound, thus resulting in the first stringed instrument.

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