PDF Music Theory caravan

Music is a caravan. This is one of the greatest pleasures that a person can delight. And for those who love real music, there is a way to keep an intimacy with this hobby: music education.

Who learn music are learning an art. This art involves all the capabilities of the brain (reason and emotion), because when you’re playing, is exercising his reasoning and his feeling (feeling) at the same time. We are talking about a single study: pdf of music theory.

Playing with feeling? This is the most common and obvious way. Just follow your instinct. The better your ear, the better your instinct. In other words, you will have more skill and ability to recognize tones, harmonic fields, modulations, etc. This music theory pdf has a lot of this subject.

A portuguese solution to music theory pdf

The descomplicando is a portugueses website that teaches all about music theory, and they have a handout. This workbook covers all music subjects you can imagine, from composition to full implementation.

To better understand this, try looking for a teacher to learn music theory. No, better yet, try to find a book! You will see that it is impossible to learn theory through books because they explain very badly. Use an archaic language, as if we were in the Baroque period. Missing an update on the language and mainly in teaching. No didactic no learning! This is a major advantage of descomplicando team, they teach music in a simple and practical way to understand with real examples and connecting the issues with each other, so that you can follow and find out where the concepts emerged. Go to the fundaments and learn more about music theory. 



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